In Praise of August Sundogs

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In Praise of August Sundogs

VV2002 In Praise of August Sundogs


Composed for professional and college-level viola groups. Improvisation sections in the first and fourth parts. Four Viola friends got together and decided to do a series of concerts of arrangements, standard repertoire and new original works for viola quartet. The title comes from seeing a sundog (astronomical event where a second sun appears next to the real one for a few moments) while driving across the San Francisco Bay Bridge. This piece was also used for a series of "Drive-by Viola" concerts (music presented quickly in strange places before the cops show up) in Boston in 2006.

Instrumentation 4 violas (including 1 prepared viola)
Medium Score and Parts
Genre Chamber with some improv if desired
Level Advanced
Year 1994
Duration 7 minutes